Jeffrey Luque Art, CoRK Arts District, 2689 Rosselle St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Art is self language, a language that no one knows but you. Art is us in our travel, trying to translate it, trying to make others see it and relate it to their own lives. I started painting for the same reason I started biking—to escape, and I paint the same way that I mountain bike. I never know what lies around the next corner or beyond the next peak. The trails go up and down, and geography that was there centuries before me is unique in my perspective in my life in my time. With painting, the path may be planned in advance, but the end result is built with layers of instinct, impulse, with no predetermined end result. 

Each painting captures a moment. My most recent show, titled”#mylove”, was my way of showing outwardly where I am in this moment in time as a painter and a person. Showing the work, which in this case was not for sale, was my voice in the universe, my conveyance of who I am, right now. 

Since I am completely self-taught, each series of paintings helps me evolve. My instinctual process is all I know. When you are in my studio, you see a messy pallet because I choose colors based on what I feel, what is closest to me, what makes sense to me, regardless of color theory. I will not become a professor; all I want is to create. 

Each painting grows differently based on my mindset and what matters to me in the moment. It is me writing my own story to read aloud, even if to no one but myself. 

First, find yourself. Then express yourself, whether others receive it or not.


Slice parlor- artist of the month

Tractor brewing- artist of the month


January Freestyle gallery- new year new talen

February Freestyle gallery- Mardi arti parti - best in show

June- blackbird Buvette- artist of the month

June 1st- Han Yan gallery, Beijing china - group show

June 20th- Pao gallery, Hong Kong art center, Hong Kong - group show

June-18th wallflowers group show, fuller lodge art center, Los alamos, NM

Miniatures Online group show, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Portraits group show- Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna beach, CA

July 19th- Park Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM- group show 


April- private show for Jacksonville Garden Society at the Marble Bank, Jacksonville , FL

July-Southlight Gallery, "Memebers Choice" juried show, 1st place, Jacksonville,FL

August 15th- Park Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM- group show

September 1st- 419 Veronese Gallery, Los Angelese, CA- group show

September 14th-Galerie 89, Paris, France group show

November 22nd- CoRK Arts district, Open Studios-North Gallery

December 19th- CoRK Arts District , Tickets, group show


December-March- Burrito Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

April 25th- CoRK Arts District, Secrets, Luque, West & Griffin

July- Southlight Gallery, "Member's Choice" juried show, 1st place

July- Downtown Vision Jacksonville Art Walk, group painting exhibition  for city of



September 4th- Jewish Community Alliance, " Inflorescence"  Rosenblatt/Luque, duo show

September-January 2019, Thomas Center Galleries, Gaineville, Fl "Eve, Woman from Archetype to Abstraction", Group Show

November 19th- CoRK Open Studios, group show


June 4th- CoRK Arts District, " Girl with Flowers " solo show

August-September, FSCJ Wilson Center for the Arts South Gallery, "Faces & Figures" group showshow

November, Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, "Small Works Exhibit", group show


March, Naples Art Association, 52nd  Founders Art Show, group showw

November, COrK Open Studios, group show

November-February 2019, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, "#MyLove " solo show

October-February 2019, Beaches  Museum, "Illumination & Vibrancy" solo show


February 3rd - Beaches Fine Art Series, "Girl with Flowers" solo show

April 26th- May 4th- Artfields exhibiting artist,Lake City, SC "Zinnias Elegan",  group show